Monday, January 31, 2011

Have you been looking to adopt a baby boy

My name's Michelle and I'm looking for a family to adopt my baby.  I'm 21 years old and have have had prenatal care and I have medicaid. if you're interested and meet the following requirements: 1) been married at least three years, 2) go to church on a regular basis, 3) willing to have an open adoption, , 4) the adoptive mom will be a stay-at-home mom 5) have other children to play with
  Thank you for stopping by. I was born Dec 21,2010. I am looking for a loving family to take good care of me. I am a healthy little boy.


  1. PLease contact us. We meet and exceed all your requests.

  2. Being an adoptive mom of two and seeing your blog provokes all the deep love I have for my children’s birth mom. It is a very sacred trust and bond we share together as their mother. Your blog also reminds me of the roller coaster of emotion the adoption process can be and the vulnerability it puts all people involved in, whether the birth family or the adopted family, it is not an easy journey, but often the destination is truly miraculous.

    Have you considered going through an agency to find a family for your baby boy. Our experience was so positive and I feel going through an agency adds a level of protection for both sides of the adoption. I would hate to have you or anyone else experience unnecessary additional pain in a journey that is already so difficult. Please know I would love to help in anyway I can even if it is just to have someone to talk to.

  3. Meet all your requirement. Email immediately at ichooseadoption @ gmail . Com

    Fully licensed and honesty approved

  4. Michelle, my husband and I are almost approved for our second adoption through LDS Family Services. We have a little boy who will be 3 in March. I would love to hear from you and give you any information you would like!

  5. I hope you find the loving family you are searching for. If you are still searching we would be interested in learning more about you and your little boy. We feel we meet your 5 requirements.
    Our Blog:

    Thank you.

  6. please contact us if you are still looking we meet all of your requirements
    God bless

    1. Hi how are you are you still looking for a family we don't have the money but we have a lot of love to give we have a son that is just about 7 he wants a baby brother and two baby sisters hope to hear from you